Midwives, Doulas, Lactation Support

Hospital Midwives

Bay Area Maternity (BAM)
I can honestly say the best hospital experience you can have will be with these incredible midwives.  They have amazing outcomes and are caring and compassionate. If you aren't familiar with the midwifery model of care, you should definitely attend one of their info sessions, held monthly.  Lin and Maria attend births at El Camino Hospital, Los Gatos (in the South Bay).
Kaiser Redwood City
The midwives at KRC offer excellent care and the cesarean section rates at this hospital are the best in the Bay Area.  If you are with Kaiser, it's well worth looking into care by the midwives here.

San Francisco Birth Center

San Francisco Birth Center is a brand new, beautiful birth center located in lower Pac Heights area of San Francisco.  The three Midwives that run the center are incredible women with a proven track record of support and safety. There are regular informational sessions held at the center and I encourage anyone wanting to explore all their birthing options to consider attending one of these sessions before making a final determination on where they will birth and who will support them. 

Homebirth Midwives

For many families home birth is a safe and viable option for their prenatal care and the birth of their little one. I work with a number of midwives in the area and know first hand the reputation for excellent care, and the track record of amazing outcomes. If you are interested in learning more about the various options you have for your prenatal care and the birth of your little baby or want to know more about the safety of homebirth, there are some great Q and A sessions available! For South Bay I recommend attending the Midwives Mingle held at South Bay Homebirth Collective in San Jose. For northern Peninsula and San Francisco I recommend reaching out to Kelly Murphy at The Root Midwives, Michelle Welborn, or checking out Natural Resources.  If you would like more details on how midwifery care differs from OBGYN care, I've provided additional reading materials below. 

South Bay Homebirth Collective
The Root Midwives
Michelle Welborn, LM, CPM (San Francisco, Marin, Peninsula)
Hope Willems, LM, CPM (South Bay)
Kelly Murphy, LM, CPM (San Francisco, Marin, Peninsula)
Kavita Noble, CNM (Santa Cruz, South Bay, some Peninsula) 
Questions to ask your midwife
Midwifery Model of Care
Why Choose a Homebirth?

Partner Doulas

I have a short list of doulas I partner with and refer to often.  These are doulas I know well, and trust their approach, style, and training. If you need other recommendations please reach out as our community has an extensive network. I'm happy to help you find the perfect fit!

South Bay Birth Services - Doulas Wendy Everett and Kersti Smith (South Bay and Peninsula)
Alicia Fishbein (South Bay and Peninsula)
Lauren Noble (South Bay, Peninsula, and San Francisco)
Robin Comfort (South Bay and Peninsula)
Erica Falk (South Bay, Peninsula, and San Francisco)
Mari Freitas (South Bay, Peninsula, East Bay, San Francisco)
Tara Gomez (South Bay and Peninsula)
Heather Ward (South Bay to Redwood City)

Lactation Consultants

Under new healthcare laws home lactation support is covered! The typical requirements are IBCLC certified, and usually up to two visits are at least partly covered. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this amazing resource!

Michelle Paul-Vogel (Peninsula and Coastside)
Janet Dombro (South Bay through Redwood City)
Serena Meyer (All Bay Area)