Massage, Acupuncture, Chiropractic


Dr. Deborah Mosca
Dr. Deb is a caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable practitioner.  She is trained in the Webster technique for pregnancy and has helped breech babies turn and moms go into labor naturally by specific adjustment techniques. She is also trained to adjust newborns and care for children and families in all ages and stages.  I have many personal testimonies from working with Dr. Deb, for myself and family, as well as my clients. Don't be put off by the older website:) Her office is locaed in Los Altos.


Michele Harris
Michele is a certified massage therapist offering in-home Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage. She travels to clients homes, bringing the massage table and everything else needed for the treatment. Clients can also enjoy treatment in Michele's massage room in her own home in San Jose. She also specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, and chair massage. She is happy to work on the whole family.
(408) 219-0120

Mari Freitas
Mari is a birth and postpartum doula as well as a massage therapist, so brings a huge amount of wisdom and experience to the massage work she does with pregnant and postpartum mamas.  She offers prenatal massage, induction massage, and a whole host of other body work services in your home or her studio. Many of my clients have used her and rave about her. She is willing to travel but is located further north up the Peninsula.


Annie Wang Acupuncture
The Acupuncturists at Annie Wang are caring and deeply knowledgeable. I highly recommend this group to clients who are trying to conceive, who have complications or health issues during pregnancy, for turning breech babies, for pregnancy pains and discomfort, and for post-dates or potential medical induction. They have two offices, Los Altos and Belmont.

White Peony Acupuncture
The practitioners at White Peony specialize in fertility, pregnancy issues, and postpartum healing including hormone balancing, getting morning sickness under control, turning a breech baby, or getting labor started. They are kind, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable. Their offices are located in Los Altos and Los Gatos.

Linda Gruber Acupuncture
Kate Maxey
Both of these gifted women come highly recommended by midwives and care providers in San Francisco.