Every birth has that moment...

That point of letting go... letting go of expectations about yourself, expectations about the kind of birth you want, the kind of laboring woman you pictured yourself being.

There's a surrender that overtakes you... surrender of control, surrender to trust, allowing your body to overtake your mind. Every labor has it.  Every birth brings, not just a beautiful new baby, but a beautifully transformed mother.

It is my sacred honor to walk with you across this threshold, to support you with peace and trust, with knowledge and compassion; encouraging, empowering, working with you, and believing for the best possible outcome for your birth.

Meet Nicole the Doula

Hi, my name is Nicole Reginelli and I'm a certified Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator located in sunny South San Francisco, California.

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The Proven Benefits of Doulas

Studies have shown significant improvements to birth outcomes when a doula supports labor.

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