Special Circumstances

VBAC Support

Blossom Birth and Harmony Birth offer support circles and classes for families considering or planning a VBAC.  Experienced Doulas and Childbirth Educators facilitate most of the classes and groups at Blossom and Harmony. ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) has a local chapter that meets at Blossom as well.  You can read more details about ICAN here.

Pelvic Floor Health, Incontinence, Organ Prolapse

Pelvic floor health during and after pregnancy is not discussed much, perhaps except for a doctor to recommend a woman do "kegals" during her pregnancy. Unfortunately pelvic floor issues are rampant among women who have given birth, and doing kegals incorrectly can actually do more harm then good.  From peeing a little when coughing or sneezing (incontinence), to extreme discomfort during intercourse (caused by scar tissue, prolapse, or tight pelvic floor muscles), the issues can be small and annoying or extreme and debilitating.  Many care providers write this off as par for the course. Some recommend extreme measures like surgery, even before trying physical therapy. But there really is help out there for women suffering from any type of pelvic floor issue.  I have personal experience and can highly recommend the following specialist:

The group and Pelvic Pain and Rehab are highly skilled in helping women strengthen and balance their pelvic floor and correct issues of incontinence and prolapse. They can help work out scar tissue from tears during childbirth, from surgeries, or other trauma.  They can help prepare for future pregnancies and get mamas on a course towards real healing that most of the time doesn't have to involve surgery!  

Especially for issues that don't seem as severe or for mamas who want to build and strengthen their pelvic floor during pregnancy, immediate postpartum, or before their next pregnancy, I highly recommend yoga instructor Jenn Gaskin.  She conducts private classes that focus on pelvic floor health through posture and controlled exercises. She's an amazing yoga instructor as well as working with mamas on pelvic floor health.